Friday, January 15, 2016

Ukrainians are ready for "separatists" to be represented in Rada

Ganapolskii show poll and on-the air interviews. 

The poll was conducted at Ganapolskii talk show. Final result, as seen on the video: 40173 callers took part to answer the question, "are you ready that today's separatists" (like  Zakharchenko and Plotniskii, as commented on air)  "will be represented in Ukrainian parliament ?" 

The result is 50-50. Initially, more people were in favor, but during the show, with this result highlighted, the numbers dropped a bit. 

Two callers were interviewed on air. A woman from Donetsk stated that she "will never forgive" (separatists). She later clarified that in some 5 years her opinion may change. 

A male caller from Snezhnoe, a miner, 50 years old, talked passionately that politicians from Maidan turned people against one another. He blamed Ukraine for bombing the city, stated that he had USSR passport, was an ethnic Russian, but chosen Ukrainian as his nationality and was proud for this. But after the war in Donbas, his views changed. He said that he sees no way for him to vote for one of Ukrainian parties, if those will run in "separatist" Donbas. He was not sure what party he will vote instead. Ganapolskii pressed the question, are elections possible at all under present conditions, is it even safe to do so. The caller was a bit confused and maintained his own line, saying "no" at one point, but meaning that Ukrainian parties will not have his support. He was emotional and highly critical of the current Ukrainian government and ATO operation, overall. 

The host ans studio guests thanked both callers, indicated disagreement with them both, stressed importance of different opinions to be known and openly expressed. 

Some other poll was conducted on another studio screen (possibly Donbas participants)-but it was not shown to us, the viewers, in the video. 

Noted: the number of poll participants is higher than in a normal opinion poll (several thousands may be actually polled in the latter case) However, whoever category normally watches this national TV show will be over-represented. Ganapolski was born in Lvov, Ukraine, and has programs in Ukraine and Russia. This program is "Echo of Ukraine" , which can be seen on . He also contributes to the Russian opposition news channel "Echo of Moscow."

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ukrainians do not approve the job of the President of Ukraine or its Prime Minister, by a large majority.

According to a survey of sociological group "Rating", 70% of Ukrainians do not approve the job performance of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, 82% - of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine led by Arseniy Yatsenyuk, 83% - the Parliament, Verkhovna Rada.

The survey was conducted by Rating Group Ukraine, in cooperation with IRI’s Center for Insights in Survey Research, and was funded by Global Affairs Canada. 

Full report (English) 

Humorous reaction in Dnepropetrovsk

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Kasparov-Belkovskii match, or 

Russia after Putin: notes for a fundraiser. 

And in the right cor--n-e-rrr ....the undefeatable....

Garry Kasparov:

Garry Kasparov
As history has shown, for such dictatorships as Putin's regime, the collapse of the aggressive foreign policy  course becomes a trigger for protests explosion inside the country. As  I said already, the rejection of  Imperial Concepts  is the principle objective for Russia. We have to do something that was not done 25 years ago and to formulate what  should really be  the state under the name of Russia. The country should get vaccinated against imperial virus and finally get rid of 'phantom limb'  of "lost  greatness". It is those  imperial illusions that Putin's regime plays  upon, ensuring the support of a large part of the Russian society, despite the growing socio-economic strain. People should, finally,   realize that all  these things are interconnected. It is obvious that, after the collapse of Putin's regime, Russia needs to have a  period of "purification", during which time the people need to understand that there is a price to pay for everything - for support of Putin, for Georgia, Crimea and Donbass . Germany and Japan have paid a terrible price for unleashing World War II, and during the last 70 years the vaccination they  received works. Our task is not to allow that Russia had to pay that high price, but people must understand that there's a price they will have to pay. They will have to listen to the unpleasant things about what happened, that they, in fact, supported the crimes of the regime. They will  have to acknowledge that, with their consent, the country was looted, and the recovery process will take a long time, comparable with the length of the robbery (...)

And in the left cor--n-e-rrr ...the one and only we could find....

Stanislav Belkovskii 
Stanislav Belkovskii

GK Kasparov has no special  vision of the future of Russia. Those  terms and categories are not even on his agenda that much. 

The ex-champion is a professional fundraisers. That is,  somebody who  raises banal moneys  for different projects. A significant part of which, ultimately, goes to the fundraiser himself.

A psychology of a professional fundraisers is this. For him, at the time of release / receipt of funds the project does not begin , but rather ends there. A further result is not so important. Very likely, the project will fail and collapse. Well, so this is due to force majeure, generated by unhinged Putin,  and by acquiescence of the West, so far--s**t--not ready to launch a nuclear attack on the residence "Praskoveevka" near Gelendzhik.

But the fundraiser is doing well anyway. He very logically  explains the failure to sponsors and goes on to collect money for new projects.

Thus the  priority for the  brilliant Garry Kasparov  is not this or that strategy of development of Russia. But rather a correct tactics of collecting money for the current war against Putinism.

Not Russian future is important here, but the Kasparov's own present.

Today, in light of the obvious successes of the peace-loving foreign policy of the Russian Federation in 2014-15,  it is easier  to raise funds In the West for the most hawkish plan imaginable. Something like, the day will come when I'll destroy everything in Russia, and nothing at all will be tolerated!  -As the sources at least relatively tolerant to the fact of the existence of VPP (Putin) -regime,   will not give money to Kasparov anyway.

Note added: Recent Putin interview to Bild (English, with video).

Comments, anybody? 

Saturday, January 9, 2016

EU members told to act with more ‘urgency’ as Dutch presidency starts

Mark Rutte: we will make lots of money out of Ukraine, but may not let her join the EU.

Translating back from Russian from a news report seen below:

Mr. Rutte, there will be a referendum in the Netherlands on the association agreement between Ukraine and EU. What will be your reaction, in case of a a negative outcome, which appears most likely?

Enibadi houm ? 

Mark Rutte: we of course are working for the positive outcome (...) As a trading nation, we will be able to earn lots of money when free trade with Ukraine starts. And Ukraine will develop more successfully ... build a state, ensure the rule of law and human rights....  Some think that this is a first step for joining the EU. but this is not the case...we have association agreements with countries in Latin America, Middle East, and they do not even apply for EU membership. Eurovision song contest -maybe, but not the European Union...

Is there a rule of law in the Western civilization? 

No, according  to Paul Craig Roberts,  American economist, columnist, blogger, and an author of the book "The Tyranny Of Good Intentions " . And why? His article addresses a recent news event, a stand-off between the ranchers and authorities in Oregon. He supports the right to bear arms, as a quick summary. But his point is broader than just this incident: I can attest with full confidence that the United States no longer has a rule of law. The USA is a lawless country. He does not fully explain this, but gives a low percentage of federal felonies which ever go to trial (4 percent, quoting Department of Justice statistics). 

There was another recent case, wondering how it fits into this discussion. According to the New York TimesA Florida Atlantic University professor who suggested in blog postings and radio interviews that the 2012 massacre of children at Sandy Hook Elementary and other mass shootings were a hoax designed by the Obama administration to boost support for gun control was fired Tuesday.  

I do not really support the views of the professor, and perhaps he could go about differently expressing those views or investigating the matter he was so concerned about. 

But the question arises here, is there still the Freedom of Speech and the First Amendment? There are so many exceptions to the law that it almost lost its value. Federal  government cannot put him in jail for expressing an opinion, --but his employer can take away his livelihood by having him unemployed. In practical terms, his chances of finding another job in his profession are now close to zero. 

The same goes with the double jeopardy: nobody is supposed to be tried for the same thing twice,  but there are many exceptions, so it is not really there, it just does not happen very often.   The same goes with other laws, which became so convoluted that it's very hard to see the justice and logic behind, or predict the legal outcome just based on the statue itself without going into precedents, appeals, and all that. Going into all that requires a fortune (to afford the legal costs). 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Yulia Marushevskaya, Odessa Customs Chief

In the absence of real news, there are soap operas, Anna News publishing gossip on Maria Gaidar. While in Odessa, they "facebook"  Yulia Marushevskaya, a young attractive new head of Odessa Customs. She is there to deal with the prosecutor office in Crimea, presumably? That and Saakashvilli zipper stories is what's coming on the top of google searches. This is the "newsporn" where all the advertisement moneys go,

Well, better that than news that so many were killed overnight in Donbas, and so many houses were damaged or destroyed. It still happens (the latter almost daily; fewer die than before but it still happens). Economic pain further away from the border. It does not make it to the mainstream news, and so is essentially invisible.

Marushevskaya is also show-casing (is it "skirt-fronting" or "psaking"?) the anti-corruption reform, for the economically and strategically important port of Odessa and the customs.  This reform is partly funded by the US government, according to BBC.

Presenting high-tech customs system for the port of Odessa. 
It is believed that oligarchs, including  Kolomoiskii,  are interested in controlling the port as well. Here on display is their challenge. (Saakashvilli is the imported regional governor, but the city of Odessa is under Trukhanov, formerly from the pro-Eastern "Party of Regions"--Ahmetov would be a suitable oligarch for that).

Update (January 3): As for Masha ("Nenasha") Gaidar....after hitting the news, she reappeared in a video with Saakashvilli, discussing fighting corruption as it relates to her job....

Затримання в.о. голови департаменту Одеської обладміністрації Марченко за корупцію це далеко не кінець таких заходів. Сьогодні я ще раз поговорив на цю тему з головою СБУ Василем Грицаком, поспілкувався з представниками прокуратури та провів зустріч з главою УВС. Найближчим часом цілий ряд посадовців в Одеській області відчують на собі те, що надалі ми будемо тільки продовжувати закручувати гайки відносно безчесних чиновників. Так ми робили в Грузії і будемо проявляти ще більше нетерпимості до корупції у ввіреній нам області.—Задержание и.о. главы департамента Одесской обладминистрации Марченко за коррупцию это далеко не конец таких мер. Сегодня я еще раз поговорил на эту тему с главой СБУ Василием Грицаком, пообщался с представителями прокуратуры и провел встречу с главой УВД. В ближайшее время целый ряд должностных лиц в Одесской области ощутят на себе то, что в дальнейшем мы будем только продолжать закручивать гайки в отношении бесчестных чиновников. Так мы делали в Грузии и будем проявлять еще больше нетерпимости к коррупции в вверенной нам области.
Posted by Mikheil Saakashvili on Saturday, January 2, 2016

In the video, Saakashvilli mentions his meetings with the heads of SBU, prosecutor office, and police,  and promises that in the near future a number of public servants will feel themselves the effects of the new anti-corruption policies.

Note added: Russia is developing its own high-tech system which allows to trace commercial transactions up the chain quickly. It is not deployed, but planned as a pilot project. That was discussed at the meeting of the Russian President with the so called 'People Front' , November 27, 2015 (video) .