Friday, January 15, 2016

Ukrainians are ready for "separatists" to be represented in Rada

Ganapolskii show poll and on-the air interviews. 

The poll was conducted at Ganapolskii talk show. Final result, as seen on the video: 40173 callers took part to answer the question, "are you ready that today's separatists" (like  Zakharchenko and Plotniskii, as commented on air)  "will be represented in Ukrainian parliament ?" 

The result is 50-50. Initially, more people were in favor, but during the show, with this result highlighted, the numbers dropped a bit. 

Two callers were interviewed on air. A woman from Donetsk stated that she "will never forgive" (separatists). She later clarified that in some 5 years her opinion may change. 

A male caller from Snezhnoe, a miner, 50 years old, talked passionately that politicians from Maidan turned people against one another. He blamed Ukraine for bombing the city, stated that he had USSR passport, was an ethnic Russian, but chosen Ukrainian as his nationality and was proud for this. But after the war in Donbas, his views changed. He said that he sees no way for him to vote for one of Ukrainian parties, if those will run in "separatist" Donbas. He was not sure what party he will vote instead. Ganapolskii pressed the question, are elections possible at all under present conditions, is it even safe to do so. The caller was a bit confused and maintained his own line, saying "no" at one point, but meaning that Ukrainian parties will not have his support. He was emotional and highly critical of the current Ukrainian government and ATO operation, overall. 

The host ans studio guests thanked both callers, indicated disagreement with them both, stressed importance of different opinions to be known and openly expressed. 

Some other poll was conducted on another studio screen (possibly Donbas participants)-but it was not shown to us, the viewers, in the video. 

Noted: the number of poll participants is higher than in a normal opinion poll (several thousands may be actually polled in the latter case) However, whoever category normally watches this national TV show will be over-represented. Ganapolski was born in Lvov, Ukraine, and has programs in Ukraine and Russia. This program is "Echo of Ukraine" , which can be seen on . He also contributes to the Russian opposition news channel "Echo of Moscow."

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