Saturday, January 2, 2016

Boris Gryzlov

Boris Gryzlov: he chews the goats

"Борис Грызлов грызет козлов" (Boris Gryzlov: he chews the goats), is a semi-official party motto of the new  Russia’s representative on the  Minsk Contact Group.

This is a serious heavy weight, sitting on the Russian Security Council. It remains to be seen whether he will have a notable and positive impact on the stalled peace process--he may, but that won't be easy.

Update. On 11 of January, it was reported that Boris Gryzlov has arrived to Kiev, according to Interfax, quoting knowledgeable sources.

His visit is said to be related to the forthcoming meeting of the trilateral group in Minsk.

It was reported earlier that Minsk is prepared to host Donbas negotiations on 12-13 of January.

Update Leonid Kuchma press secretary Darka Olifer confirmed on her Facebook page that a meeting between Kuchma and Gryzlov took place in Kiev.

Update: According to Ukrainian sources, Petro Poroshenko initiated a meeting with Gryzlov in Kiev; relations between Ukraine and Russia were discussed.  ( - translated)

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