Saturday, January 9, 2016

EU members told to act with more ‘urgency’ as Dutch presidency starts

Mark Rutte: we will make lots of money out of Ukraine, but may not let her join the EU.

Translating back from Russian from a news report seen below:

Mr. Rutte, there will be a referendum in the Netherlands on the association agreement between Ukraine and EU. What will be your reaction, in case of a a negative outcome, which appears most likely?

Enibadi houm ? 

Mark Rutte: we of course are working for the positive outcome (...) As a trading nation, we will be able to earn lots of money when free trade with Ukraine starts. And Ukraine will develop more successfully ... build a state, ensure the rule of law and human rights....  Some think that this is a first step for joining the EU. but this is not the case...we have association agreements with countries in Latin America, Middle East, and they do not even apply for EU membership. Eurovision song contest -maybe, but not the European Union...

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